Anna Perkins


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Anna (Arcimboldo Self Portrait), 2015 Anna (Arcimboldo Self Portrait), 2015
18" x 18"
Cat on Quilt, 2018 Cat on Quilt, 2018
Black & White Self Portrait, 2015 Black & White Self Portrait, 2015
22" x 30"


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This website in its early days (circa 2006) was a Neopets fansite - hence the domain name. I taught myself how to code because I wanted to customize my Neopets profile, which as I grew older turned into a desire to make pretty websites and learn graphic design. Though heavily modified in 2018, I originally created this website layout in 2012 as a challenge to create a layout without images; thus all of the elements are pure code. Of course all of my artwork on here has to be in image format, but I am proud that the structure is HTML5, CSS, and php.

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