The Purpose of Life

Unfortunately I don't have a definitive answer here. But the purpose of this website is to be my online portfolio and a place for me to explore my technological creativity. But hey, I'll keep you posted if I find the definitive purpose of life.


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Book Recs

A captivating, page-turning sequel to The Handmaid's Tale (1985), Margaret Atwood's The Testaments was the only book I anticipated the release of in the year 2019. Fifteen years after the end of the first book and some years after the TV show (currently 3 seasons out), The Testaments mixes old and new characters to describe both the oppressive world of Gilead and the bystander's perspective. Three strong female narrators spin their side of the story.
The Testaments

Website Updates

At work, I helped out on a project involving CSS, and it reinvigorated my interest in webdesign. Thus, I spent Valentine's evening and into the next day (currently 1:47 AM) improving my design. I stretched out the "Anna Perkins" part of the header and made it stick to the top of the page as you scroll. This sort of thing seems to be in fashion on the internet these days. I separated the navigation bar from this header so that not too much of the screen would be taken up by the sticky header.

I got rid of the gradient on the nav bar. I like the tab animation on hover, but that in combination with the gradient started to seem obtrusive to me. Then, I made some minor tweaks here and there, adjusting widths of floating divs, improving mobile compatibility, etc.

I finished an oil painting just before the new year, but I am waiting until I finish the next one to upload it so that I can fill up a new page (rather than having to shift everything over a spot). Next, I think I will paint a self-portrait. At school, the professors always made us do at least one self-portrait a year, and since then I've only produced one self-portait, the oil painting with my pets in 2018 (which is now even more special to me since my parents are selling the house). I didn't make any self-portraits in 2019 - really, I didn't paint any human faces at all in 2019 - so I'd like to do one this year. I plan to start tomorrow, er, today...

Written by: Anna

Posted on: February 15, 2020

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